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Group work and connecting with others

Healing and Support (Zimmerman Service) facilitates group work and networking with others.

Some of the main effects of trauma are disempowerment and disconnection from others.  Recovery can be promoted by empowerment and creation of new connections through which a person gains autonomy and learns to trust.

Healing and Support runs groups to facilitate new connections, and provides opportunities for clients to join in established groups or meet other clients and individuals dealing with the same challenges.

Some clients choose meditation, yoga or mindfulness, which Healing and Support can facilitate.

Healing and Support also offers financial assistance for clients to attend groups run by other organisations, including:

CAN (Clergy Abused Network) is a local support group for survivors and their families who have been affected by abuse within a religious setting. It convenes monthly gatherings for support and information.

The CAN Caseworker (Liz Studdert) can be contacted by:
P:   02 4923 0644
M:  0408 515 149

Or contact Bob O’Toole by:
P:  0408 909 950

SAMSN (Survivors and Mates Support Network) helps men coping with the effects of childhood sexual abuse with psychologist-led, facilitated peer-support groups. SAMSN is based in Sydney but facilitates groups in regional areas including Newcastle:
P:   02 8355 3711