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Healing and Support (Zimmerman Service) offers supported and targeted referrals to psychologists/social workers/counsellors who are registered with a professional body or are approved by the Victims Services NSW Government. Healing and Support ensures the practitioner is experienced and/or has had training in working with adult survivors of child sexual abuse and is trauma informed.

Healing and Support maintains a list of counsellors who have received positive feedback. The “preferred provider” list is continually updated. Healing and Support offers clients a choice of having a referral made on their behalf and/or making the initial appointment for them with their consent.

Where there are options, Healing and Support explores with the client their preferences for a male or a female practitioner, preference of location (for example, many clients prefer to see someone outside the area in which they live), and the psychologist/counsellor’s therapeutic milieu. 

Healing and Support contacts the client after their first session to ascertain if they felt comfortable with the choice of practitioner and would be willing to make subsequent appointments. If this is not the case, Healing and Support offers to explore the option of referral to another practitioner.

Receiving compensation may affect the provision of some counselling services from Healing and Support.